Here is some important information for this saturday’s shows!

-We ask you to arrive 45 minutes before the show you perform in.
-The rehearsal and the shows are at the Riverview Arts Center 
(400 ch. Whitepine, Riverview)
-Thibodeau Designs will be selling DVDs of the performances! For more info, you can contact them at
-Don’t forget to bring snacks and bottles of water while you wait during the show (we have severe allergies to peanuts and others, make sure your kids don’t share their food with others…)
-For a security matter, before getting in or out of the dressing rooms, parents will need to sign off our attendance lists! It might take a little while, we ask you to be patient please!
-There will be an info booth set up in the lobby to answer all your questions!
-Flowers will be available for sale in the lobby!
-Chaos clothing will be on sale at the rehearsal on friday and at the shows on saturday!

***If you ordered your tickets online and didn’t receive it by post, you can go to the box office the day of the show (bring with you a proof of purchase)

A costume was provided in your class before the show! You will need to wear it at the dress rehearsal for us to check the fitting on every groups. If you haven’t received some pieces, Marco will be set up at a table to help you out! If your number needs sneakers, please choose a pair closest to the basics colours : black, grey, white. (No need to buy a new pair!)
Breakdance: wear black, white, grey and red colored comfy clothing.
Hip Hop adult/Heels 15+: your teacher told you in your class what you will have to wear for costume!

You can do anything, but have a hairdo ! Unless your teacher has instructed you differently. No baby hair sticking out (use gel and/or hairspray). Ex: high ponytail (tight), a side curled ponytail, 2 ponytails, 2 french braids, 4 dutch braids, a braided ponytail, 1, 2 or 3 buns, half ponytail, ETC!

We do not impose makeup on young age, it is your choice. We do recommend a big black eyeliner, blush and a lipstick (the closer to red the more it will be visible on stage). 10 years old and up should have this makeup and can also add black smokey eyes.