Here is all the info we have so far for our Christmas shows! Please note that we will have several emails with more info concerning which group is in which show and info on our dress rehearsals!

WHERE: Riverview Arts Center (400 Whitepine Road)
DATE: Saturday, December 1st
HOURS: 10AM, 1PM, 4PM and 7PM (details below)
DRESS REHEARSAL: Friday, November 30th (we will send you an email with all the info later!)

The tickets sale will start November 19th, 2018, starting at 8AM.

You can buy your tickets:
-Online here: https://riverviewartscentre.ca/buy-tickets/
-In person at:
-Riverview’s Jean Coutu
-Riverview’s Sobeys
-Frank’s Music in Moncton

-The prices are $17,50 for adults and $11 for kids/students (a proof will be asked for students).
There is an extra $3,50 box office fee and taxes are not included. The total amount will be $24,15 for adults and 16,68$ for kids and students.

-Assigned seats

-You can only watch the show if you have a ticket including younger kids (show room rules)

-Dancers will be backstage for the duration of the show. We will have a team of volunteers there to take care of them and do activities.

P.S. Hundreds of people are trying to buy their tickets at the same time. You might have to wait a while to get yours: please be patient! Thank you!

Here is the list of which show each groups are presenting their number in!

-Intro to dance 3 yrs old Saturday
-Intro to dance 4 yrs old Saturday
-Intro to dance 5 yrs old Saturday
-Hip Hop 6 yrs old
-Lyrical 6-9 yrs old
-L.A. Style 7-9 yrs old
-Hip Hop 7-9 yrs old Monday
-Hip Hop 7-9 yrs old Saturday
-Musical theater 6-9 & 10-12 yrs old ***ALSO IN THE 1PM SHOW!***

-Intro to dance 3-5 yrs old Monday morning
-Intro to dance 3-5 yrs old Thursday
-L.A. Style 10-12 yrs old Wednesday
-L.A. Style 10-12 yrs old Saturday
-Hip Hop 10-12 yrs old Monday
-Hip Hop 10-12 yrs old Saturday
-Contemporary 10-12 yrs old
-Musical theater 6-9 & 10-12 yrs old ***ALSO IN THE 10AM SHOW!***
-1st st3p

-Breakdance 6-8 yrs old
-Breakdance 9-10 yrs old
-Breakdance 11-12 yrs old
-Breakdance 13+/Adv.
-Hip Hop 6-8 & 9+ DIEPPE
-All the COCAGNE classes
-All the SHEDIAC classes

-Hip Hop 13+/Adults
-Dancehall 13+/Adults
-L.A. Style 13+/Adults
-Urban Contemp. 13+/Adults
-Heels 15+
-Hip Hop inter. Adults