Important info Dress Rehearsal


*WHEN ? Friday, Dec 2nd (competitive crews, Dec 1st, PLEASE read your emails.)
*WHERE? Show Room, Jeanne de Valois (U de M)
* Costumed !

5-7 pm: Introduction Moncton and all the regions classes (Cocagne, Shediac, Memramcook)

Intro 3 moncton
Intro 4-5 moncton (Saturday)
Intro 4-5 moncton (sunday)
Intro Memramcook
Intro Shediac
Intro Cocagne
Cocagne LA Style (monday)
Memramcook 6-8
Memramcook 9-12
Shediac hip hop 6+
Cocagne Hip Hop (wednesday) 6-9
Cocagne Hip Hop (wednesday) 10-12
Cocagne Hip Hop (wednesday) 13+

7-8:15 pm: All the Moncton classes 12 and under

Hip hop 6
Hip hop 7-9 monday
Hip hop 10-12 monday
Lyrical 7-9
Contemporary 10-12
Breakdance 6-9
Breakdance 10+
LA Style 7-9
LA Style 10-12
Hip hop 7-9 Saturday
Hip hop 10-12 Saturday
Musical Theater (6-9 + 10-12)

8:15-9:30 pm: All the Moncton classes 13 and over , Virtuose (Rec & competitive)

Ballet 13+
LA Style 13+
Breakdance advance
Contemporary 13+
Hip Hop Adult adv
Hip hop 13 +
Mama’s and papa’s
Dancehall 13+
Virtuose Hip hop
Virtuose LA Style
Virtuose Contemporain
Troupe Virtuose

*** There are dancers with severe peanut allergies !!!! No food allowed in the auditorium. BE ON TIME and be prepared to wait… This is a rehearsal to avoid technical problems during the show and we will take the time necessarily to ensure everything goes well !!! Thanks for your understanding 🙂


A costume will be provided in your class before the show if you haven’t received it yet. You will need to wear it at the dress rehearsal for us to check the fitting on every groups. If your number needs sneakers, please choose a pair closest to the basics colours : black, grey, white. (No need to buy a new pair!) Breakdance/Mamas & Papas: Your teacher will tell you what colors to wear for the show!

You can do anything, but have a hairdo ! Unless your teacher has instructed you differently. No baby hair sticking out (use gel and/or hairspray). Ex: high ponytail (tight), a side curled ponytail, 2 ponytails, 2 french braids, 4 dutch braids, a braided ponytail, 1, 2 or 3 buns, half ponytail, ETC!

We do not impose makeup on young age, it is your choice. We do recommend a big black eyeliner, blush and a lipstick (the closer to red the more it will be visible on stage). 10 years old and up should have this makeup and can also add black smokey eyes.